Rick Beemer Testimonials

“Rick Beemer is my first choice among counselors for several reasons. First, he deals with roots, not symptoms. He understands that the wounded and sinful heart is the source of all dysfunction. Second, he invites the Holy Spirit into the counseling process by means of Healing Prayer. He relies more on the Spirit’s ability to “fix things” than his own training (which is extensive). This skill places Rick in a rare category among today’s Christian counselors. Third, he is a sympathetic and gracious person. I feel comfortable speaking with him about anything. Finally, he “gets” men. Rick has helped more of my men than any other counselor and he is always my go-to choice when men come to me with issues. Rick Beemer is a wise counselor to whom I can entrust all kinds of precious and broken human hearts.”

Pastor Bob Shirock, Oak Pointe Church

“As a pastor, I can tell people they don’t need to still be angry, or blaming, or afraid, or ashamed, or guilty or sad, and they can know in their heads it’s true, but that doesn’t set them free; only God can directly reach their hearts with His truth. That’s what I see happening through Rick’s Christian counseling practice. I’m very encouraged as people’s deep-seated habits and thought patterns are being changed by Christ.”

Paster Jeff Moore, Ridgewood Community Church

“I asked to meet with Rick for counsel related to some struggles I was having in my personal and ministry life. During a time of prayer, Rick led me in a question and answer process using some of the methods he had learned from Theophostic training. I was shown how some events in my teen years and my responses to those events related to the struggles I was having at that time. It was a very helpful and enlightening experience that gave me a new perspective for my future ministry.”

John Hopler, President, Great Commission Churches

“Three and a half years of counseling helped me to cope with depression and anxiety, but the Theophostic healing I experienced over a period of months got to the root of the problems that stemmed from issues in my childhood. As a result of the freedom I have now, God has led me to get the training, and I am now ministering as a lay person with Theophostic Prayer. It is exciting for me to see people set free from their struggles and to grow in their relationship with God and others.”

Dawne Wilson, Theophostic Lay Minister

Be ready for some powerful and thoughtful activities that will help your marriage grow. You will be active participants, not just note-takers.

John Shaw

Rick Beemer led a 10 hour marriage workshop for us that we entitled “Hear and be Heard”. Rick catered to our needs and to our schedule. He was easy to work with and clearly cares greatly for the people he helps. In the workshop we learned how our broken selves fail in carrying the life that God intended and how to filter false messages and identify and share our true longings. Rick is a great facilitator and a pleasure to work with.

Pastor Mike Olmstead, Evergreen Church